Direct Marketing on the Internet

An internet marketing channel is a means to deliver a marketing message for a product or service.  One popular implementation of marketing channels are available on websites known as "Search Engines", the most popular being Google®. Many internet marketers direct their entire business toward improving search engine rankings.

When you search for information using the Google Search Engine, you provide a keyword and Google responds with a list of what it judges to be the most relevant organic, or natural results, and the most relevant paid results.  To keep this explanation simple, I'll focus on the organic results.

The information (words) a potential visitor gives the Search Engine to work with is called a keyword because the Search Engine uses it as an index into its huge database of web page links and snippets.  Thru an algorithm, the exact details of which is a closely guarded secret, a list of relevant web page links is provided.

A keyword may contain spaces, which leads to broad and exact match channels.

Next to each of the following bullets is a single keyword made of multiple English words:

  • dog food
  • best dog food

If you search using the above bulleted keystrokes, you will receive the "broad match" channel of the keyword. The search engine returns results for these space separated words separately, i.e. not in any particular order on the web page.

You can also use quotation marks around your keyword as follows:

  • "dog food"
  • "best dog food"

If you search using the above bulleted keystrokes, you will receive the "exact match" channel of the keyword. The search engine returns results for the exact string of characters inside the quotation marks.

So, each keyword represents a "broad match" and an "exact match" marketing channel because each of these returns a different list of search results.  Your potential visitor looks thru and picks from the list based on how relevant this person considers the word content of the link and web page snippets.

One internet marketing channel is the list of search engine result links which your potential prospect reviews and MAY click. This list of links is the means to deliver your marketing message.

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