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A great social bookmarking site is delicious.com

I recommend it because it is highly responsive and there is no advertizing. Of course, THEY DO have a business model, but it doesn't involve you giving them any money.

You may connect with me on delicious.com and see my public bookmarks. You can then see what my interests are.
My delicious id is Charles_KnNell


The more pages that link to your product page, the more authority that page has in the search engines

Every social bookmark is a page which links to the page it bookmarks. Depending on the keywords, it can take surprisingly few bookmarks to improve search result position.  More people creating more bookmarks using relevant keywords is good for your rankings.
You want your social bookmarks to be created naturally by real people, NOT software robots.
Real people who believe a product is good will naturally write a unique description. 
It didn't take long for bookmark spam to appear in the social bookmarking sites.
These sites are working hard to remove it. Therefore, don't waste your money contributing to it. Don't get involved with services which violate terms of service or violate them yourself. Be a responsible member of each community that you and your employees join.
Make sure your website has bookmarking buttons on the product pages. 

Ask your employees to spend an hour per week bookmarking only their favorite products. Assuming that you operate an ethical business, some of your employee's favorite products may VERY WELL be YOUR products. Pick one bookmarking site at a time so that you and your employees can share these bookmarks socially.  Using this strategy, one can measure your bookmarking campaign results.

I'm available to help you organize and execute a campaign like this. To get started, give me a call, or send me an email.

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